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I Am Raise Up Mixtape Release Party

Since I’ve been in Arizona, I’ve had the opportunity to meet alot of people and do alot of things far as my talents. I’m a Graphic Design by day, photographer by evening and a Music Artist by night. I know that sounds like a lot to balance but, I’ve been doing it for a while and I think it’s manageable. Tonight was the mixtape release for my good friends of I Am Raise Up. The mixtape is a compilation of songs from different artist in different genres of music. I was blessed to be apart of two creations on the project in which I performed them both at the concert. It was really fun to be amongst that much talent under one roof. I thank God for my extended families through out the valley. So many churches are involved so many people behind the scenes to make everything come together and all to the glory of God. I would strongly encourage you to go support this amazing compilation project, below is the link to preview and purchase the music.

I am RaiseUp Mixtape Vol.1


musicians_RUMV1 Rachel O_RUMV1 Rell_RUMV1 Ryan_RUMV1 Singers_RUMV1


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