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Nikki’s Family Session

Had so much fun shooting Nikki and her family, it was my first time shooting downtown Gilbert, Arizona. What a beautiful family and place to shoot. I really enjoyed each and everyone’s personality. The pictures came out really great!


10506807_740362676035423_4918477171811703201_o 10655211_740362796035411_7991837363159689019_o 10661686_740362489368775_8223953826697045478_o 10679870_740362479368776_4374544174883474889_o 10700466_740362776035413_3339520703033780431_o 10700723_740362619368762_1193394854712641834_o 10704261_740362769368747_1889058533711174605_o 10710486_740362629368761_8550099928292369398_o 10714259_740362526035438_875520339469152219_o


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