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Little Caleb

So, it’s been a long time coming for me to have this moment to have a photo session with little Caleb. Before little Caleb was born, I was bless to be the photographer for his mom and dad’s wedding back in 2011. A few years later a long came little Caleb and due to my moving arrangements to Arizona, I wasn’t able to be there for his birth etc. Well, the time has come and Caleb is growing up so fast, here’s a few shots from my visit to Lynchburg, Virginia.


1502245_740753732662984_152841080715050990_o 10387094_740753565996334_8418958015555441791_o 10620138_740753772662980_1710231601959865811_o 10655337_740753805996310_386263079500185577_o 10662198_740753662662991_9007976464074784759_o 10683615_740753622662995_3628543803404462437_o 10700298_740753575996333_9166672095786527656_o 10700425_740753585996332_444021608666282280_o 10708633_740753702662987_8432645280320439694_o


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