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The Estes Family

It’s always exciting to do family photo shoot because you never know what to expect but your always hoping the outcome is great. I had no problem with the Estes family, Tina and her kids have always brought a smile to my face. Tina has been a great supporter of my company and I’m truly grateful for genuine people like her and her kids are a reflection of that.


1492391_681410321930659_8779672934532272916_o 1909129_681410611930630_5449906051010059953_o 10338575_681410581930633_7383325780918859025_o 10357660_681410325263992_4052846467482224936_o 10359127_681410571930634_6587483075151529900_o 10362797_681410715263953_1623382116195531872_o 10379909_681410341930657_4869261802690323695_o 10403755_681410395263985_7072856217312750133_o 10404056_681410771930614_4680969105397470658_o


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