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Blacklight Run Phoenix 2014

So with all this shooting and doing music and traveling, you still have to make sure your in good health. As a couple and as a family I decided to bring my ladies to a 5k run. My mom being a newby to Arizona and my girlfriend being use to the heat. We decide to do the Black Light Run, it’s an annual 5k run that travels through out the united states and put on this event where your running for a good cause. This specific race you are getting messy and running at night so it put a lot of fun into it. What they don’t tell you is that the power takes a while to clean out your hair and accessories,lol. Watch the transition of clean to messy,lol. One of the funnest, messiest days I’ve had in a while.


1922306_655424851195873_7127395490970182416_n 664328_655425144529177_3519002990361333479_o10264173_655425731195785_4479648759419433816_o 10001270_655427151195643_5375973384211909051_o 1398143_655425314529160_5466692542278885342_o10265614_655427391195619_1689535774444892085_o 970528_655426717862353_306428893810087278_n 10003846_655426217862403_2915582229937776030_o 1781119_655426871195671_7094306521646612493_o 1939438_655426367862388_5641593378108162008_o 10174995_655426661195692_8910411123544452652_n 1978578_655426391195719_6916525616897547909_o 10171286_655426544529037_3015970503171424744_n 1492153_655426231195735_5636139360649425073_o 1800129_655426351195723_5379234371355813230_o 1077132_655426311195727_2287640608742603075_o 1507534_655429264528765_8260731503247322170_o 1979130_655429337862091_7698989439175190683_o 1417482_655429401195418_6080572241876658938_o 1262869_655429047862120_3019392007430299140_o 1492289_655428674528824_4491740292297482093_o 1602175_655427894528902_4488186724344783487_o 980272_655428774528814_9164800469708989476_o


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