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Hopefest 2014

Had another great year at Hopefest 2014, every year it seems to get better and better. It’s always good to give back to the community and be apart of a movement that making a huge impact. Music is apart of my life and will always be a major role in my life so, to volunteer my talents to uplift the audience is the least that I can do. I love the dedication of all the volunteers that helps to continue to make this event a success year after year. Here’s a few snaps from the event.




1780956_652530951485263_8068058650277835637_o 793836_652530958151929_920818810909480901_o 1781224_652529831485375_8280408661255657150_o 1909202_652530804818611_4795224279494565440_o 1537670_652529664818725_3144289572694500818_o 1980480_652529771485381_5736291569811438195_o 1913451_652531014818590_1971879956869366054_o 1956879_652530941485264_9020708027831687150_o 1658319_652529748152050_8380102303088997406_o 1891514_652529801485378_1971727316501530145_o 976094_652530844818607_5206082023335962131_o 1614393_652529728152052_1925957275017862657_o 1956969_652529614818730_2880923799395716081_o


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