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Jeremy & Malika 3.22.14

Had a lovely weekend with the Shadracks, Malika and I have been in contact for over a year and she has been requesting that I shoot her wedding. Well the time has come and I had a really fun night shooting the wedding as well as seeing all the love and hard work come together for the two. Here’s a few snaps from the wedding.


893135_667806856624339_8467576893013486040_o 904505_667806986624326_3548814979888171150_o 981817_667806329957725_8138329289633600861_o 1403505_667806703291021_4854291444667563577_o 1522504_667806299957728_3357284721602803575_o 1617105_667806793291012_6471309273856922296_o 1617874_667806666624358_3980314975208991326_o 1622312_667807019957656_976466098916772313_o 1911015_667807099957648_8321351070682308198_o 10257639_667806366624388_2704111841334523189_o 10258501_667806403291051_1445071796004433933_o 10285759_667806196624405_317418996309221085_o 10286929_667806629957695_6267222961263370523_o 10293774_667806766624348_7093451034184621792_o 10295121_667806183291073_3532860310996076315_o 10295285_667806566624368_5320229056807139429_o 10296142_667806599957698_965251408788587860_o 10296478_667806859957672_7621966983364187516_o 10298258_667807056624319_2176354232634476298_o 10317555_667806436624381_3711103462735367122_o 10321044_667806939957664_5026907368825053417_o 10329932_667807183290973_6026041339473025361_o 10339539_667806193291072_2270868875721642755_o 10353231_667806753291016_2551714396182653660_o


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