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Bj The Phenom Dirt Bike Rider

My recent visit back to my city of Richmond, Va I had the chance to check out my cousin in action. One of his hobbies is to dirt bike ride, it’s amazing now days how young kids gravitate to things so fast, I grew up in the 90s and the most we would do was play basketball at the parks and each others backyards. Now you have so much more opportunity to emerge in your passions. I’m honored to have a cousin like “BJ” he just continue to show me that your dream is not out of reach so, I’m going to continue to pursue until I capture it because life isn’t worth living if your not doing what truly makes you happy. Be bless and enjoyed the photos of the youngster in action.


1074686_608296215908737_1950469006_o 1529976_608296342575391_1428254210_o 1512050_608296219242070_333708450_o 1146288_608296222575403_481536661_o


One comment on “Bj The Phenom Dirt Bike Rider

  1. Sonu
    July 10, 2014

    Awesome pictures! Good job done – ATP!

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