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Quincy & Ashley 12.7.13

I’ve been waiting all year long to see this couple become one. They are a mixture of comedy, love, excitement and relaxation. My last wedding of the year and why not go out with a bang! The wedding took place in Phoenix, AZ at St. Francis Xavier Community, a beautiful wedding from the scenery to the people. Ashley is a loving woman, she’s so laid back but always happy and excited for things. That helped me a lot when it came to pictures and she gets it all from her parents who were there every step of the way. Quincy has a great sense of humor and had the whole crowd in attends on their toes as he sing and dance for Ashely. I know it’s so cliche but, you had to be there to see that. We walk the downtown streets, road on the light rail and dance the night away. A perfect way to start a life of happiness and I’m honored to be apart of it all. Cheers to the lovers that were hitch on December 7, 2013, may that flame forever burn.


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