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Kieshourd & Jazmine 10.5.13

When I say mature love, Jazzy and K are the true definition of it. A full day of happiness is not enough so, why not make it a lifetime. I had the opportunity to do photography and videography for this couple, I had so much fun from the time I arrived to the hotel til the time I packed my gear up to leave. No wedding is a like no matter how many weddings you shoot. Jazmine is a sweet heart and she play so many roles for her family and friends and Kieshourd is a very casual guy with a witty sense of humor. The wedding took place at Fiesta Fountains in Mesa, Arizona, beautiful temperatures and great weather. I had so much fun with my staff, I believe one of the key moments of the night was the speeches that were giving. I felt like I was at a comedy lounge by the end of the night. Kieshourd & Jazmine, may you continue to laugh and enjoy each others company, I’m honored to be a memory in the pages of you guys life.


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This entry was posted on October 25, 2013 by in Photography, Wedding Photography.


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