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Thomas & Amanda 9.13.13

One of my favorite couples of the year, Thomas and Amanda. We had so much fun on the day of their engagement session and I really got the opportunity to learn their personalities. Kids in love grow to spread that love among their families. The wedding took place at The Windmill Winery in Florence, Arizona. A beautiful location, so much to shoot and so little time do to a storm alert. Luckily for us, the storm decided to wait til I was on my way back home to start. I wish Thomas and Amanda a wonderful marriage, full of happiness and a lot of great memories.


8454_557081311030228_40955915_n996610_557080357696990_1987483733_n1377028_557080407696985_1760677970_n1380372_557080421030317_1766418030_n1378481_557079784363714_263485462_n1383078_557079924363700_433295709_n1385468_557079944363698_1871472545_n1381444_557080217697004_2026071716_n1383547_557081107696915_1761102638_n579117_557080477696978_194622673_n  1376400_557079967697029_734461094_n 1378064_557080447696981_1525368303_n72636_557079791030380_1248114702_n 1378132_557080117697014_714610126_n  1378739_557080011030358_1404582264_n      13877_557080627696963_800433945_n  1382002_557081121030247_2085871237_n1374881_557079794363713_903864775_n934018_557080284363664_262688957_n 1234532_557081247696901_615594617_n    1378772_557081011030258_2035056518_n1229828_557080094363683_1085807748_n1384373_557080541030305_761967580_n 13847_557080141030345_1119501252_n 1375940_557080297696996_290890467_n   545248_557081301030229_1774931551_n 1374216_557080371030322_1480612181_n  1381945_557080567696969_2102260386_n74563_557080201030339_78626845_n


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This entry was posted on September 26, 2013 by in Photography, Wedding Photography.


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