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Bryan & Kisha 8.29.13

This past weekend was my best-friend’s wedding and I was actually in it,lol. I was the best man slash photographer,lol. It’s so hard to say no but, this was the perfect opportunity because it was a destination wedding in one of the craziest city in the US, VEGAS! Vegas weddings are always fun and memorable so, the entire weekend was a blast. The wedding was held at Treasure Island which is in a great location on the Vegas strip. On the day of the wedding the groom and I had last minute shopping to take care of and then the photos began baby! So, I snap a few of him getting ready as if I’m the official photographer for the day and we were off to the wedding at the Chapel. Once the wedding started I resumed my normal duties of being the best man and the wedding commenced. After the wedding was over we decided to tour the strip and I did a photo Session with the newly weds which were more spontaneous and fun. It was only a hand full of us including the bride and groom that attended the wedding (8) and i thought everyone played a key role to the success of the wedding and the trip. The session started off as just a picture in-front of the Las Vegas Sign and ended up a fun but exhausting long day. We all made plans to go out that night but after being in the sun for so long it took a tow on us and come to find out, everyone had fell asleep,lol. I just want to say congrats to my good friend Bryan Hodges for finding love and also to Kisha for capturing his heart, may your love last and mature over time like fine wine.


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