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Music Video Shoot For ” Ima Be Me “

Another beautiful year with the kids of Macon Georgia. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to travel down to Atlanta and work with the programNext Level Development Community Kids of Macon, GA. Each year the kids are getting more creative, more excited and they are taking pride in bragging rights on who performs the best. This year my hat goes off to the 6-7 graders on creating a great song and putting on a great video performance. You can watch the video below.



Here’s the video:

621721_534987846572908_403500741_o 919678_534987806572912_209964591_o 966301_534987663239593_436092461_o  1093827_534987666572926_829102868_o 1094571_534987773239582_1445904366_o 1096985_534987556572937_904881824_o 1116044_534987553239604_861801151_o 1146136_534987459906280_1795703792_o 1146345_534987703239589_1926843004_o 1146812_534987466572946_669465988_o 1147085_534987869906239_205955813_o 1147520_534987463239613_246305045_o 1150630_534987599906266_1129678963_o 1172749_534987739906252_48616776_o



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