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Marc & Tonya




Today was a great session, I got to experience mature love at it’s finest. Marc & Tonya are going to be my first couple to get married of the 2014 and I’m very excited. This is a beautiful couple they seem to compliment each other very well and they love each other a lot. Here’s a few shots from the shoot, enjoy.


1009228_527889847282708_1707335475_o 1025845_527890127282680_1767037044_o 1025854_527890333949326_1451788419_o 1077487_527889873949372_105899971_o 1077684_527967503941609_446232821_o 1084977_527890417282651_111838122_o 1085140_527889843949375_983182177_o 1097019_527890123949347_2061936470_o 1097670_527890297282663_1335474573_o 1102460_527890447282648_187338760_o 1146265_527890380615988_415294849_o 1146821_527890247282668_1878678967_o


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