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Christopher & Natalie 6.8.13

It’s been a while since I’ve had a wedding at the beautiful Antique Wedding House but I always love shooting here because there’s always something new to lookout for. Chris and Natalie decided to tie the knot and it was a causal wedding, no crying just all joy and laughter. Congrats to the couple.


981702_513780908693602_2012937252_o 1014692_513781032026923_1156888261_o 1025728_513781075360252_1018258143_o 1039917_513780808693612_462000743_o 1048134_513781175360242_743877805_o 1048931_513780868693606_1791696851_o 1048943_513780612026965_446040535_o 1052235_513781122026914_1768512512_o 1052617_513780635360296_1670330237_o-1 1052617_513780635360296_1670330237_o 1052938_513780792026947_747282541_o 1053483_513780608693632_1267306864_o 1053511_513781272026899_131737182_o 1063924_513780755360284_1746781670_o 1063942_513780925360267_39779985_o 1064192_513780712026955_2151145_o 1064478_513781218693571_1971703631_o


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