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Tyler & Eleena 5.18.13

Had a good time at Tyler & Eleena’s wedding. Their a young energetic group and is very much in-love. They have been together for many years since their early junior-high days.  I was hired to be their wedding videographer and enjoy it all. A lot of laughter throughout the wedding and hopefully that will carry over into marriage. Tyler plays Division one basketball at Houston Baptist College and still have two years. They have a bright future ahead and I look forward to hearing great things,  here’s a few snaps


842_499790103426016_889707466_n 5001_499789200092773_810680486_n 5919_499788800092813_744548642_n 7273_499790636759296_598351729_n 9815_499790140092679_1744153670_n 166045_499790510092642_767575240_n 295500_499789090092784_261103958_n 295527_499788996759460_81106333_n 296169_499789936759366_1904546463_n 383435_499789143426112_1297021416_n 395272_499789820092711_1304879570_n 426678_499790763425950_1544194072_n 580465_499790676759292_1597746527_n 580629_499790186759341_155738259_n 600563_499790563425970_153396164_n 935914_499790720092621_1707700674_n 941688_499788460092847_1708962562_n 942966_499789826759377_1218675185_n 944222_499790373425989_559265853_n 945018_499790266759333_1883856356_n 946502_499790270092666_1793821449_n 946602_499789006759459_1620569855_n 946614_499790856759274_2010816256_n 968843_499790010092692_179142630_n 968982_499791096759250_2130005942_n 969082_499789026759457_876521150_n 970300_499788350092858_1580617507_n 970674_499788633426163_929156120_n 970795_499788456759514_91121071_n 971418_499790910092602_1338583234_n 971849_499789850092708_1977729785_n 972192_499788960092797_2068182987_n 983746_499789960092697_1481561405_n 984122_499790120092681_37450504_n 984312_499790610092632_1683131943_n 992943_499790550092638_1972233133_n


One comment on “Tyler & Eleena 5.18.13

  1. thaygoulart
    July 23, 2013

    Wow that bride looks beautiful! Loved every single picture.

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