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Thomas & Tahirih 5.4.13

Today is a special day for a special couple Thomas and Tahirih are becoming one. After meeting the couple a few times it felt like they were family and now to see them happy after everything they’ve been through over the years, is amazing. I was booked to do a documentary video of their wedding which was an amazing ceremony, plenty of laughter, tears and happiness. I wish nothing but the best for the couple I pray many more years to come.

Click here for the link to the video


271200_497489110322782_1523155253_o 460638_497491393655887_1908480351_o 464663_497491430322550_198194089_o 469019_497488723656154_1037073748_o-1 477774_497489196989440_194933480_o 920146_497489413656085_1869980487_o 964063_497490643655962_830104095_o 964342_497489083656118_1036225274_o 964843_497489060322787_2030315443_o 980383_497489460322747_1978586598_o-1


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This entry was posted on May 29, 2013 by in Photography, Videography, Wedding Photography.


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