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Nancy & Juan 4.19.13

The time has come again to celebrate a great couple. I recently had the opportunity to shoot the second wedding for Juan and Nancy this past weekend. I had so much fun, their families are amazing and have a lot of energy on the dance floor, the party definitely doesn’t stop there. I gracefully taped out at about 11pm after a few dances and some good food. Last summer Juan and Nancy had a casual wedding in Mesa at the Antique Wedding House so this was the Grand Finally. Very nice wedding the food was great and the smiles were endless, my type of party and Class-A wedding. Enjoy


919417_487953057943054_847644905_o459549_487951941276499_399309755_o   461198_487953211276372_42440786_o    465728_487953174609709_856152411_o 465804_487953324609694_918271115_o 905465_487953087943051_1278961019_o474542_487951977943162_1135989446_o472369_487952564609770_1966451924_o 472584_487952994609727_950135968_o  475170_487952091276484_731068386_o  459917_487952707943089_1603497831_o921683_487952331276460_589442761_o919530_487953377943022_1583319739_o465211_487952521276441_1705729516_o465293_487952157943144_1092593747_o919518_487952631276430_483012587_o479414_487952067943153_1629364222_o  919546_487952121276481_1368664622_o461484_487952801276413_1468449409_o        922510_487952314609795_1806470068_o922322_487952024609824_186419726_o 459952_487952481276445_169935795_o913767_487952784609748_1944435850_o479395_487952284609798_865061846_o921018_487951897943170_707368311_o935472_486444838093876_888430850_n


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