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Thomas & Amanda

Had so much fun with Thomas and Amanda on their engagement session. This couple is very playful and fun and are naturals infront of the camera. I can’t wait for their wedding day, I believe it will be a new edition to my archive as their wedding will be in a barn which will be beautiful pictures in the making also, I know their family will bring a lot of laughter as well. Here’s a few pictures from the engagement.


12372_483533805051646_240409046_n 12476_483533758384984_335000662_n 32319_483534105051616_159640004_n 44311_483534055051621_1559411038_n 48045_483533985051628_2086132827_n 58182_483534028384957_1332788413_n 60517_483533841718309_937611205_n 72858_483533535051673_28461976_n 390986_483533891718304_696996085_n 391009_483533538385006_1403891791_n 431876_483533695051657_234415568_n 431924_483533648384995_588672043_n 551460_483533918384968_138695951_n 933984_483533981718295_1123987146_n 935560_483533605051666_835048505_n


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