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Quincy & Ashley

Had a great Easter Sunday, the weather was great, the sun was out, and beautiful faces were out to enjoy easter sunday.  I was accompany by my lovely girlfriend as she assisted me on a engagement session with Ashley and Quincy. Ashley is full of life and always keeps a smile on her face


3569_483338628404497_1781332927_n 28041_483338215071205_771538540_n 310817_483338571737836_1538340055_n 317359_483338205071206_742937020_n 376019_483338445071182_1931719005_n 387185_483338588404501_731767806_n 404698_483338285071198_859052701_n 417863_483338241737869_550373206_n 524722_483338468404513_1860981092_n 529100_483338655071161_1527298902_n 540640_483338518404508_1734733041_n 562438_483338708404489_1820100977_n 603615_483338548404505_1770735758_n 931441_483338418404518_282572666_n 936672_483338515071175_1663531625_n


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