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Dabi & Sheena

Every wedding that I book includes an engagement photography session and this week I was blessed to be the photographer of good friends of mine Dabi & Sheena. With every couple I try to approach things differently and according to their personality. So, we decided to go with a more urban/vintage feel and decided this will all take place downtown Phoenix, AZ. I had a lot of fun with this couple and I can’t wait for the wedding day, you can truly see that they were made for each other, they compliment each other very well even down to the atire chose for the session. Here’s a few snaps from the engagement session.


67343_462366923835001_156922275_n 299779_462367150501645_1412460732_n 306216_462367067168320_670564053_n 306286_462367213834972_981794323_n 421554_462367187168308_1489547453_n 421918_462367097168317_1565026964_n 482733_462367130501647_138742194_n 529743_462366993834994_1087042139_n 533151_462367163834977_831832612_n 544474_462367110501649_1855088407_n 553169_462367200501640_472952057_n 563288_462366953834998_1980544480_n 644568_462367047168322_487407960_n 733770_462367023834991_1064514925_n 735033_462366920501668_1791606692_n


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    July 4, 2013


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