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Alfred & Folasade 2.16.13

Had an amazing time photographing Alfred & Folasade’s wedding. I was able to be apart of their wedding traditional and Nigerian wedding. Beautiful people with beautiful spirits. The wedding took place at the The Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a beautiful day and all smile for everyone that attended the wedding. A moment to remember, they were very easy to work with, pretty laid back I love the way they are praised and how the families came together to have a good time both nights. Here’s a few shots.


45390_466589910079369_562201482_n 59759_466590106746016_1105897562_n 66464_466590206746006_1713703643_n 71968_466589796746047_201964397_n 300303_466589930079367_475503252_n 317511_466589880079372_574551619_n 389788_466589823412711_62716568_n 389869_466589920079368_234950609_n 417500_466590060079354_1583734660_n 417506_466590116746015_1528960982_n 417593_466590003412693_1588735902_n 429637_466590180079342_500247922_n 479867_466589896746037_390294247_n 480539_466589846746042_12405197_n 481369_466590193412674_1247723750_n 482103_466590046746022_1374556144_n 482869_466590130079347_1810145941_n 484802_466589960079364_364068217_n 522575_466590160079344_182948780_n 537598_466590293412664_1583172068_n 549998_466589980079362_779531332_n 559923_466590140079346_1617931147_n 577213_466590030079357_1431014067_n 577276_466590016746025_915614550_n 580626_466589943412699_994801422_n 601211_466590270079333_2007966131_n 602146_466590260079334_214150097_n 602856_466589970079363_1896717087_n 644267_466589793412714_1374546675_n 735139_466590240079336_1251183685_n


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