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Colby & Samantha 1.4.13

So the day finally came when Colby and Samantha would be hitched. It was a beautiful day and also a memorable one as the word ” smidget ” became a unforgettable phrase. Colby and Sam looked amazing as they became one at the Stone Bridge Manor in Mesa, Az. I enjoyed myself and I also got some great shots throughout the night that will tell a story for years to come. I’m also proud to announce that Colby and Sam will be future parents.


updated 2.28.13

555311_439836002754760_1116116441_n 428005_439835736088120_527025339_n 582436_439835722754788_1959752437_n 431406_439835939421433_390445773_n 484655_439835872754773_1897574522_n 603109_439835792754781_1642660359_n 76909_439835959421431_475153972_n 207793_439836049421422_2082968739_n 73357_439835649421462_1921439607_n 74952_439835702754790_327129852_n 75013_439836036088090_1458666696_n 230624_439835619421465_341633880_n 485994_439835676088126_257489673_n 734076_439835602754800_628928529_n75016_439835896088104_1098503517_n408434_439835756088118_1405684719_n 530711_439835922754768_1493376696_n 735141_439835906088103_581161061_n 45878_439835549421472_1487574787_n 45970_439836019421425_1370867344_n 58218_439835769421450_198321127_n 64918_439835662754794_401207347_n 65860_439835569421470_445008056_n 10270_439835956088098_1534852582_n 14874_439835582754802_436688155_n 19511_439835779421449_1841398458_n 25981_439835579421469_1910208792_n-1 66461_439835819421445_270406351_n 75057_439835806088113_1270319030_n 408495_439835536088140_536863784_n 537402_439835992754761_1071957318_n 1215_439835979421429_265358297_n 1228_439835556088138_201186049_n 1246_439835616088132_1175352141_n


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