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Kids Coats For A Cause


This year was a big year for Kids Coats for a Cause. Kids Coats For A Cause was established by a group known as Y.B.P (YOUNG BLACK PROFFESSIONALS). Their vision for this event is to provide as many in need children with warm winter clothing and toiletries. They understand that “NOBODY CAN DO EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING”. Y.B.P will strive to uphold the mission of “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND”. This year they met their goal which was 200 coats and in honor of that goal, they held the 1st Annual Kids Coats For A Cause Party. I had a ball that night while taking candids of the event. The event was held downtown Scottsdale at ” The Doll House Lounge “. Here’s a few of the event.



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