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Colby & Samantha

silhouette with heart

My first couple of the new year have arrive and I’m very excited as we bring in the new year together! Colby & Samantha had a blast with me as we captured some of that joy on my camera. I really like this couple, they are very easy going, they have a very relaxed relationship and they know what they want. I look forward to having a memorable day with them as they unite as one. Here’s a few pictures from the shoot.


wide kiss We Are Walking the look off Smiles2 Smiles By The Wood Smilely Silhouette show me the ring SAMANTHA SAMANTHA_SLIDE Overhead Kiss On The Slide laying under the light Laying On Each Other laying by the fire laughing time Kiss with Grip kiss under the bridge Kiss in the sunset jump IMG_9146 IMG_9122 I Heart You Huggy Hands hands and kiss Gotta Grip Feet Engagement Ring COLBYS HANDS Colby COLBY_SLIDE Chillin On Steps cheek kiss Back Pocket All Laughs


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