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Da’Ron & Lily Gilbert 06.23.12

So, June was a really busy month for me and so I apologize for being a little behind on my posting. I recently had the opportunity to be apart of Lily & Da’Ron’s wedding, I had a great time. The wedding took place on the Golf Course of Ocotillo in Chandler, Arizona. It was a beautiful evening wedding in which we were racing against the sunlight to try and capture images in the magic hour. It was so much to choose from I could have stay out there all day shooting. I really thank Lily & Da’Ron for letting me share this memory with them. I pray nothing be the best for them as they continue to grow together. Here’s are some pictures from the wedding, please leave your comments. I also did video coverage of their wedding, here’s the highlight clips of it.


Click Here To See Da’Ron & Lily’s Highlight Video




5 comments on “Da’Ron & Lily Gilbert 06.23.12

  1. Carolina
    August 2, 2012

    since this is my 1st visit to your website, i simply wished to say greetings! wonderful website incidentally.

  2. sanwarya
    September 21, 2012

    Hello there. I am also using the same theme, but the home page doesnt showcase image thumbnails on the post previews.. anything to be done.. HELP please..!!

    • dorrelledwards
      September 21, 2012

      When your uploading A picture, there will be an option to insert as well as to use as main thumbnail so, just got back and view your picture gallery and you should see it. I hope that helps.

      • sanwarya
        September 21, 2012

        Thank u so much.. That did help.. “Set as featured image” 🙂

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