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Hello again, I’ve been transitioning from being in-front of the camera and behind the camera over the past couple of months and I feel as though i have neglected my fans and supporter with no music. I’m proud to tell you I have 14 songs available to hold you over while the mixtape is being recorded and finalized. I’m so hesitant about putting music out without the proper release etc. But, I wanted to put this out before you guys became busy during the week of valentines. I know everyone is showing love so far so I wanted to join the crowd and show some love with all of the cover songs that I have put on YouTube for viewing. They are now available for Free Download . I hope you guys enjoy it, it has been requested so many times to be available and it is now. Please give me feedback on the music and let me know that you guys are listening. Follow me on twitter and chat with me on Facebook as well. I have a big surprise for the fans on Valentines day as well and I thank you guy for all y’all video submissions.


Free Download #MusicMash:


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