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Folgers Jingle Contest For Me?

It’s been a while since I have updated my blog, sorry for the delay I’ve been a bit busy. I recently have been in a jingle contest for Folgers Coffee. Folgers has a contest that started last year to recreate the Folgers jingle for a chance to win $25,000 and a chance to appear in a Folgers commercial. So I decided to be apart of it and I put together a jingle in about fifteen minutes and I had some musical arrangement by a couple friend from the music group by the name of ” I am Raise Up “. I shot and edited a video for it and submitted a couple days before the submission closed. Well, my jingle was selected in the top ten in where you would have to promote and try to get the most votes, from there if you get the most votes, the top 5 will be flown out to New York to perform their jingle infront of a judge panel to be consider for the best. So, here we are awaiting the results of the contest, hopefully if I make it I can update you guys with a post saying I’m in the top five. Weather or not if I make it, I have enjoyed the fellowship with the fellas and the publicity from all the local news station out here in Phoenix. It’s been great and an humbling experience. Here’s the jingle so you can hear it for yourself.



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