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5 Years And She Still Faithful

I know your like, What!! Okay so, I was scheduled to take pics for 500 kids today at my photography gig and I was still in the mood for shooting, I didn’t have a model or client today and  when I was getting back into my car, I noticed I parked under a tree and it looked like birds had diarrhea and took it out on my car so, I had to wash it, and I thought to myself, lol….Ol faithful still with me after all this, lol, it’s been bout 6 years since I walked on the lot and did my 50 cent transaction like on his movie,lol. I walked on the lot with my Kroger work cloths on and told to dealer I wanted that, he thought i was playing but he didn’t know I had favor over my life (thank you Jesus) so I wrote the check told him to put tint on it before I was ready to pick it up and she’s been happy ever since with the way I’ve been treating her, so I did a photo session with her and one off camera flash,lol

. These are just a couple quick snaps I did of her, nothing major. Thanks for stopping thru….



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