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MTP “The Leak”

Be On The Lookout For ” My Turning Point  The Leak ” I’m putting it out on my birthday as a lil gift to everyone out there and the fans. I will be featured by ” Gramm, Phien-X and Franksin ” mixtape tracks only, no originals, sorry, the mixtape has been pushed back a bit to early fall, because I’ve been recording for three different projects and two is over due “Love Letters”. I think the fans will appreciate it a lot if i put it off and bring it back around at the right timing, I feel too many songs from the “Love Letters” got leaks before they were even finished in the studio, so they will have to wait for it a bit longer. As it will be released as a “EP” because of duration of previous singles.  “The Leak” is majority rapping, do to the fact that I felt as though I catered to one side of my craft which was singing. But I feel I have to keep both in exercise,lol. I will try to keep y’all current on everything as I will have this page linked to everything Facebook, etc. Thank you and please put your feedback and comments as I post things up here. Thanks



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